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Message From Arthur H Muir Jr.



1874 Summer Cloud Dr.

Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

(805) 493-2762


June 7, 2011

Mr. Gerry Scott, III

American Research Center in Egypt

8700 Crownhill Blvd., Suite 507

San Antonio, TX 78209


Dear Mr. Scott:


As a member of ARCE for over 20 years, I am appalled by the clandestine way that you and your team have been managing ARCE. By way of background, I have a Ph.D. in nuclear physics from Caltech, and a Certificate in Archaeology from UCLA, and have been doing volunteer work for several digs in Egypt – a month a year for 15 years.

You have not responded to Ed Johnson’s complaints about mismanagement and irregularities, have failed to provide information that members in good standing are entitled to, nor responded to Mr. Chiappori’s charge of unethical hiring procedures. I also became aware of your deceptive practices (in a much more minor incident) when I asked for an estimate of the membership’s interest in Ancient Egypt vs. Islamic studies based on meeting attendance. It seemed to me that ARCE’s grants to students didn’t reflect membership interest. This is a very easy question to answer: at the annual meetings how does the sessions/attendance for the pharaonic topics compare to that of the Islamic topics. The reply I received from Mr. Blum was that "we don’t have that information". If not an outright lie, it was certainly a subterfuge. San Antonio doesn’t want anyone questioning its operations. As a result of that exchange I subsequently reduced my long-time Lotus Club membership to regular membership. So I’m on to your deceptive tricks.

I have known Ed Johnson for about 25 years, and find him to be one of the most open, honest, knowledgeable and conscientious individuals who I have ever known. We took Egyptology/archaeology courses together at UCLA. I also worked under his supervision on a tomb conservation project at Hierakonpolis around 10 years ago. He is expert and exacting. I personally observed some of his outstanding conservation efforts at the Khonsu Temple and was very impressed by the conservation lab for which he played an instrumental role. The mismanagement of the conservation work there by Mr. Shearman and his predecessor (both ignorant of conservation technology) is appalling. But San Antonio ignored the obvious facts.

Why not respond truthfully to Ed’s questions? Are you afraid "they" will throw you out? Unlikely – probably because the top Egyptologists are afraid that any confrontation will result in the loss of potential ARCE channeled funding. This is another example of the endemic corruption that permeates America – from Washington to the local city council.

Why not be open about it?




xc: E. Johnson

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