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02 Scherer Letter

June 22, 2010


Via CM/RRR and e-mail at



Board Certified

Labor and Employment Law

Mr. Edward D. Johnson

Attorney at Law

5040 Oceanview Blvd.

La Canada, CA 91011


Re: Your letter of June 15, 2010 regarding ARCE Corporate Documents


Dear Mr. Johnson:


I have been retained to represent the American Research Center in Egypt, Inc. (ARCE) in

response to your repeated threats to initiate litigation against ARCE. Please direct all future communications to me on behalf of ARCE.


Despite your demand, ARCE is not required to provide - and you are not entitled to

receive - all of the documents you listed in your letter of June 13. Additionally, ARCE is not obligated to respond to your demand "within the next 7 working days." However, in the spirit of cooperation, ARCE is responding promptly and in accordance with its By-Laws as follows:


1. Under Article III, Section 5 of the ARCE By-Laws, as an Individual Member of ARCE, you are entitled to receive a copy of ARCE's By-Laws upon written request. A .pdf version of ARCE's By-Laws is being forwarded along with this letter;


2. Because ARCE respects the privacy of its members' personal information, Membership

Records are subject to ARCE's Privacy Policy which is published on ARCE's website at Article III, Section 4, of ARCE's By-Laws entitles Members to inspect

ARCE's Membership Records at ARCE Corporate Headquarters in San Antonio, Texas

"pursuant to the Corporation's Privacy Policy." Your demand does not fall within any of

the exceptions to the Privacy Policy and, therefore, you are not entitled to inspect the

Membership Records; and


3. You may obtain a copy of ARCE's Restated Articles of Incorporation, which are public

record, on the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' website at




Chris A. Scherer



107 Wurzbach Road • Suite 603 • San Antonio TX 78230 • 210.558.1004

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